11:54 am

Idle ramblings. Oh, and kitties, of course!

Oh my.


Ok, I have to explain. I think blondes are kinda cute. Natural blondes, I mean. There's something pretty fascinating to me, a natural dark-haired-almost-black asian, about those faint eyebrows, that skin, those freckles, that straw coloured hair! I used to work for a Dutch boss who was so fair/pale, his eyebrows all but faded into his forehead. Wow. That's blond. But they normally don't do it for me.

Not until, that is, some blond man holds cats in his arms! Bwahahahahha! KITTIES!


*composes oneself*

Seriously, the flooding in the midwest was shocking. We got report after report even here in Singapore. And it was sad, so sad... Singaporeans are complaining about rising petrol prices. Rising food prices. Everything's rising. Help us! Give us government handouts like the West!

Hello? You can bloody afford to get fancy flat screen TVs on hire purchase so you don't deserve any help. You have your home, you have your job, you have your health, you live in a country with no fear of natural disasters. Enough! You're not bloody suffering, you arse! But enough of the ranting..... back to the topic at heart! The ultimate accessory is a kitty!

Just had a thought.. Jens needs to read the post. lol. Ich liebe die kitties!


Trevor said...

We agree - people with large flat screen TVs don't need help.

Greg said...

I was just wondering did the cat that was thrown in the water get a helping hand afterward? I know from experience cats don't like swimming.
As far as hands out go,I would give everybody a flat screen TV. =)

2Vamp said...

Alas, Singaporeans are just as good as complaining as any other nation!

Kitty slipped out and I am sure he will be fine :) That guy was apparently saving his finacee's two cats.