2:28 am

Men are from Mars

And they work unearthly hours too.

This is for all the women who struggle to understand
why men tie their self worth in with their jobs. This is an oversimplification, but it's worth a read if you've ever wondered.

I got a glimpse of this, over the years, from the different men I'd dated. When in corporate, date corporate! lol And oh boy, date I did. Some conversations linger, some perceptions were coloured, and all by extremely ambitious, high flying men. I learnt on their collective laps, one might say.

I'm gratreful for the experiences. Embrace the differences!


Greg said...

You know I am really glad I can not relate to this subject. I earn a really good pay check and get lots of time off to enjoy the family and have time for myself.
So I will drink one for these over payed stressed out fellows.
You know maybe they should of checked out there career field before they decided to enter it.

2Vamp said...

Then you're one of the lucky ones!