8:14 am


We've been watching the Olympics, on and off. Managed to get archery! Cool! But bugger me if we had a bloody good laugh.

See, there was this Aussie bloke filling time as the "official TV commenter" and it was the elimination round between Japan and Colombia. Fuck me, but this guy's head is going to roll...

First he started off saying COLOMBIA and Japan. Ok, good. Then it became ROMANIA and Japan. Dad and I turned to look at each other. Eh? Romania? Ok. Perhaps an earlier round? This went on for a good few minutes and ROMANIA was much M U C H talked about.

Then the country name changed to COLOMBO.

We started to laugh at this point in time.

Japan won and Aussie bloke was all COLOMBO will now have to work on their blah blah blah. And the official score came up and suddenly it was COLOMBIA once more. More laughter ensues at home now. Along with looks of surprise, amusement and not a lot of respect for this fool.

For fuck's sake, mate, can you not lay off the beer this early in the morning? After all, it's only the greatest sporting event in the world?



Me, Myself n I said...

Dunno why but I am really enjoying watching the Men's and Women's weight lifting sessions. Like they are bloody strong!!!

2Vamp said...


Isn't it entertaining? All that muscle-y jockflesh! lol.