9:44 pm

What a contrast

When I'm online, I'm usually listening to PlazaRadio. Dude rocks Big Time!

So occasionally this song pops up, which... erm.. yeah. I really like a lot. It's called Close My Eyes Forever. And it's a really really really GREAT rock ballad. Trouble is, one half is good ol'Ozzy Osbourne. Who doesn't know Ozzy?

And the other half? A raw, guttaral but powerful singer called
Lita Ford. And she compliments Ozzy perfectly.

So I did a a little surfing to find out more. And the woman is... well... I am impressed.

But that's not what I wanted to show you. I surfed for pictures too, and under Lita Ford, and all her glamrock pics, I found this.

Compare, if you will, with this :
Yup, someone named this sweatpea Lita Ford too. lol.

Here, enjoy the music.

There'll always be wee part rocker chick in me!