11:03 am

Election time

Singapore votes tomorrow.

Online, there's a vast surge of resentment and anger at the current government. I think it's manifesting in the election rallies that have taken place around our island too.

Most would know of how foreign newspapers call us a benign dictatorship.

And I agree, up to a point.

It works, up to a point.

But what was important 20 or 30 years ago has since changed. It's taken a huge fucking hammer to wallop this into the heads of our current party leaders. They've finally woken up to the fact that riding roughshod over the population won't cut any ice.

There's no real mudslinging, unlike a lot of other country's campaigns I've watched. But dubious speeches abound.

Hello? You may be used to leading herds of mild, brainless sheep. But amongst the sheep are quite a few rams now, who won't take anymore bullshit. Did you think you raised an entire population to be stupid? Do you think your actions will not be judged? Or that your threats hold water? Yes, you've got a sterling track record. Yes, Singapore has made incredible progress over the last 40 years, but you're facing a different Singapore than before.

The fact of the matter is that along with economic progress, you have an educated population. And your style of ruling might have worked before, when we struggled for independence and the aftermath of all that happened. But it doesn't work now that you've had a sizable population frustrated and resentful.

We want answers to stupid things that shouldn't have happened. We want accountability. We don't want your stupid threats. We want people in government who are paid well, and who respond well. We don't want an apology so late in the game; with elections every 5 years, you've had more than enough time to listen to your people.

Oh, we KNOW the PAP won't lose the majority. But we can darned well hope to vote in more opposition seats. Right now, it's something like 2 opposition seats and 82 PAP seats. The constituencies have been realigned though (of course, it's SAID to be an impartial realignment, but just before election time? o'rly?) and now we have 82 seats being contested, out of 87. Good on you, opposition!

I fervently hope people vote for what they think is right, not for fear of the future. 

We will need the PAP to steer our future. But we will need more voices to speak on behalf of the people, to counterbalance what the main party tries to bulldoze through. Checks and balances, where none have been before.

Good luck, Singapore! Do what's right!