7:19 am

I'm starting to believe this is ethnic

I came in to work to a nasty surprise on Tuesday.

Someone had spilled coffee all over the table, and failed to clean it up from my things.

Either the person is the most obtuse person in the word, or just plain lazy.

I have found out who the person is.

I am extremely disappointed, as I thought better of her. She shall deserve no more kindness.

This is the note I left on the table after my shift.

Yes, I used up an entire A4 sized sheet to summarize what was on my mind.

And lest you think I'm some sort of pigheaded idiot in using the word kindness, let me tell you that this : The person is a Filipino working here. Me and my other (Singaporean) colleague are always bringing food. We share our dinner, we share our snacks, we share everything. This girl takes, and only ever offers something in return rarely. So THAT Is why I use the phrase kindness.

And in consideration of that, my shit gets massively dirtied. So much for consideration.

No more.

PS excuse the typo - i was hugely livid when I generated that.


Anonymous said...

Fiona Hogan I do not know if you remember me I used to work with u in Neil Road. Mohan here do drop me a msg my conatct is 92202143 thank u

2Vamp said...

No, I do not; Neil Road was well over 15 years back.

If you wish to contact me, there is an email address available under my profile.