1:38 pm


Some dude at Marvel came up with the awesome idea of linking their superheros, culminating in The Avengers to be released in 2012.

And you know what? I wish it didn't take them so long lol I think I haven't really anticipated any movie release like this since I waited 3 years for Lord of the Rings. Yea, verily, I was patient lol. IronMan was awesome entertainment, The Hulk was... Ok... forgettable. But holy shit people, Thor absolutely hit the spot. He's the FIRST character I've commiserated with. 

It helps that Kenneth Branagh directed - what you get is characters you can relate to, and there IS some sort of story going on. And then there's Anthony Hopkins. No link. If you don't know who Sir Hopkins is, you have no business reading this post haha ;P And lastly, there's Chris Hemsworth who's come out of nowhere to impress. Ok, he's Aussie, but we only really saw him in Star Trek, as Kirk's dad who, and I quote, "was captain for 12 minutes, and saved 800 lives." He was watchable in that 12 minutes. He is VERY watchable in Thor.

Finally, there's the genius who fleshed out Asgard. Good golly people! Not since Middle Earth was filmed by Peter Jackson have I seen a fantasy realm so gorgeous and lovingly rendered. Absolute brilliance! I'm in love :D

Next up? Captain America and the Green Lantern. Woo!!

I can't say it enough - Thor is is definitely worth watching; this is a keeper!