4:14 pm

I'm rocking my sonics!

Googly moogly... I've *finally* gotten around to buying speakers for my laptop.

Long story short, I have rushed to accomplish all my to-do things before I fly off on Sun night, and since I was in the vicinity of a Challenger store 2 days back, I decided to check THAT off my list.,

So now I have proper speakers. Oh, and I caved in and got the subwoofer too. I may never leave my room. lol Nnnoooooo... They're not high end, just a very affordable Creative set. Plus, I don't have all that much space. And at the store, there were sets from some weird unknown brand for SGD $35 to Bose for SGD $400. 



I am not paying $400 for laptop speakers. LAPTOP speakers, ferchrissakes!

Anyways, here's me all set. Thus far I've only used it for my online music stations and StarCraft1; no movies yet. But I am on schedule with my things-to-do list and I think I can fit in a movie on Sat. I want to sit back and be blown away sonically :D 

Seriously. I'll just get food pushed under my door lol.