8:17 am

Finally, my Barcelona pictures. Whew!

Well now, I finally managed to upload my Barcelona pictures :)

Long story short, I had trouble shrinking the file size on about half the pics until I got my hands on a CD with proper photo-editing. All it took was 10 minutes. Amazing. And idiot proof too. After all, I managed lol

So instead of posting a few pics.... if you're so inclined, please visit the following links on FaceBook:

- Shenanigans on the way to Spain are here

- general pictures of our walkabouts are here and here.

- Antoni Gaudi, Barcelona's celebrated genius

- more Gaudi over at the famous Sagrada Família

- even more Gaudi over at Park Guell

- we had a lovely day at Montjuïc

- reputedly the most beautiful cathedral in Spain. I might agree :)

- we took a day trip to Montseratt too, where my sister made a wish.

This was my once-in-a-lifetime trip to a place so distinctly different from South East Asia. I am deeply grateful to The Funky Aunty, who made it possible for me and my sister. (Doh, the exchange rate was almost double when we went!) I discovered that I love buildings with character, no matter how old; that the Spanish can be pretty irritatingly in-your-face, and that I LOVE COLD WEATHER. lol.

Heh, I already knew that last bit; I was in San Francisco a loooong time ago and I remember I thrived there too :D

What was interesting was that whilst posting and going through the pictures, I realised I recalled a great deal. Granted, we went in March, not too long ago. But I remembered names and places, details and tastes, and the wonder of it all.

I also recall that by the 5th or 6th day there, we were so sick of tapas that we ordered KFC lol and Argh! No chilli sauce!

Truly a wonderful experience, thank you for this gift!