1:49 pm

Life is good!

Woo! 3 day weekend coming up! 
And it wasn't requested for, it was just *given*. 
To my ex employer, suck my trail-dust!


Anonymous said...

Hey...have yourself a good weekend...hope you find something exciting to do. Cheers, Mark

Fiona Kathleen Hogan said...

hey Mark,

It was very family oriented lol... dinner with my parents for their wedding anniversary, then dinner with my grandma for 5th month, only on Monday did I go do something my myself!

Exciting? Dude. What's that? haha

john said...

An unexpeted bennie is always nice. Hope it was enjoyed!

Fiona Kathleen Hogan said...

I love benn.... wait. what?

Bennie, as per the free dictionary, is "a slang name for Benzedrine, a trademark for one brand of amphetamine"

No no no... don't do drugs, never have lol

john said...

Ahhh....the differences in slang have hoist me on my own petard.
"bennie" is used, in this case, as a short form of "benefit". I'm unaware of an agreed upon spelling of this usage, thus I went with the firt spelling that popped into my brain. Hope I didn't cause too much confusion!
As for being hoist upon a petard...well.... ;)

john said...

And drugs aren't a part of my lifestyle either. Unless you count asthma meds. then I'm a user, but the doctor says it's okay!

Fiona Kathleen Hogan said...

John, that was hysterical :))

I'm just teasing... I realised it was slang, just wasn't sure what it meant. But the "official" definition was really funny!! I know you don't do drugs, you is good people!!

PS - you're making use my google-fu! Hoist my own petard was in Shakespeare!!