8:03 am

Uh. ok.

Look man.

I believe in entities, ghosts and all that stuff. I've experienced it myself, fer crying out loud. But I DON'T believe people come back from the dead often enough to place handles on the inside of storage!

Here, it's a short one so I'll post it all :

A morgue has been built with a motion-detecting alarm system - in case 'dead' bodies come back to life.

Cemetery official Akif Kayadurmus said the mortuary's refrigerators were sensitive to movement inside. He told the country's Anatolia news agency that the slightest motion would set off an alarm.And Mr Kayadurmus added that the refrigerator doors were kitted out with internal door handles.

"If the patient, proclaimed dead by doctors, awakens from a state of unconsciousness, then we consider each and every possibility," he explained.

The mortuary in the municipality of Malatya province, has a capacity for 36 bodies.

First off, I had to bloody google Malatva. (It's in Turkey, you can thank me later) Secondly, who were the moronic public officials who sanctioned the funds for this? An alternative suggests that you have doctors who can't seem to tell the living from the dead. 

Bloody idiots. Entertaining though!