10:42 am

Come at me, bro

This was thoroughly entertaining.....

..... I cheered for the crab! All that waving around? And that first pinch which didn't hold? Bwahahahahahaa. And in the end? *GRAB* 

That was a bloody healthy pinch, eh? :D


Susan Greene said...

I have been pinched by a crab. Someone thought it would be funny to put four 6" blue crabs in a college dorm shower. I was impressed that the campus police managed to get them to the biology department, but in getting them into salt water aquariums, one of them nabbed me. And it HURT. No REALLY SERIOUSLY HURT. I sent that crab flying, and I would never have expected myself to fling an animal like that. I've been nabbed by lots of animals and I have always been able to put my pain second and the animal's welfare first. Not that crab! I can't even imagine what that nose pinch felt like, but that guy deserved it. He probably even knew he was at risk, but figured it would just "sort of" hurt and that he could just tug the crab off. Nope! I hope people see that video and learn not to harass them.

Fiona Kathleen Hogan said...


Susan :)

Happy to share that I have a supremely healthy respect for pincered creatures!

As a child, I used to play with smaller crabs and saw a few of the kids get nabbed. You're absolutely right, they pinch and hang on and no amount of pulling will tug'em off.

But this idiot was really asking for it. And when that pinch secured his nose? Priceless! :)