1:11 pm

Got to pay it forward!

How curious.

I was out for lunch and this month my mealbreak is 11.45am, making it pretty close to normal lunchtime crowd. So I look for an available place to sit away from the jostling hordes and find myself sharing the table with an elderly chinese man.

I'm sitting quietly, eating and reading my book, when the man speaks to me. Asks me if I've ordered my drink. I tell him yes, and that's it. Drinks come and lo! I find that the man has paid for me.

Doh! This is unheard of!

I don't know who this guy is, I just want to eat (I'm hungry!!) and now he's paid for my drink? Is he going to try and pick me up? The drink costs a mere dollar. I don't want to get hassled over a dollar  0_o

Interestingly enough, the man makes light conversation just once, asking me about my tattoos, and then leaves me alone.

By the time I've had lunch, I'm feeling happy that I've got a full tummy, and that - oh my! - I've experienced a random act of kindness :))

Thank you, coffeeshop uncle, you made my day!


Susan said...

And you made mine, with your gift to my cats. Just wanted to let you know those t-shirts came up for sale again and I bought us each one. ;) I'll be sending yours out when they arrive. Thank you for posting. I hope you keep on writing what's in your heart.

Fiona Kathleen Hogan said...

Aahhhh! Susan!
No, the money was well used, I am positive; and you do so much!

I can't believe the TShirt came back! Yay! And if you've got me one, then by golly, a second gifting is in order!