8:45 am

The ones we want never want us back

Oh, how sad am I?

I normally never make the first move when it comes to men. Deep down, I am a little 6 year old girl who fears intensely 0_o
Anyways, I kinda hinted to someone that I was interested in him and Argh! No reply! 

This was on SMS, after we'd met up again after not seeing each other for (according to him) the last 4 years. I thanked him for a great evening. Took him a day to reply. So I replied to that and hinted. I think he's pretty interesting!

Yes yes yes; I know some men need to be hit on the head with a mallet the size of Hong Kong. But this man seems pretty astute!

Alas, that it should be only one way.... boo hoo hoo :(


Mama Feline said...

You make me laugh :) Maybe he is shy shy shy?

Fiona Kathleen Hogan said...

haha - perhaps!
But I am not going to hint again! lol

john said...

You know...you're better off without him. If he's not bright enough to a)pick up a hint or b)realize that you're worth knowing, well then he's obviously not bright enough to deserve your company.

Pity I'm half-way 'round the world. Me and my favorite mallet (I call her 'Ethel') could have a...ummm...talk with this dude and explain the error of his ways.

Fiona Kathleen Hogan said...

Post a pic of Ethal!

Seriously, thanks for the smiles :D

john said...

Heya! A pic of Ethel, huh? might could....

btw, I found a video of the Singapore Complaint Chorus on
http://defsi.typepad.com/ and I was wondering what a native's take on it is. I found it lovely that, while there were lots of what I assume are unique local complaints, many of them were things I bitch about constantly, just with a slightly different names. I'm quite curious about what you think about this.
If I can find an American Complaint Chorus, I'll post a link for you!

Fiona Kathleen Hogan said...


It's spot on!