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People being people

27 Nov 2011

I am one of the oldest people on my work team :)

Can't be helped.... people at this level are starting out whereas I've regressed lol. The average, as far as I can tell, is mid to late 20s. There is one girl I get along with very well and I don't think she realised how far apart in years we were. Then one day we talked about roller coasters and I happened to mention one tiny one in S'pore in the 70s which I remembered as a child. She'd never heard of it.

And last week, she realised that it was 15 years between me and her. There was a significant lull in the conversation after that epiphany *wry grin* Oh well. I suppose it's a compliment to me that it took 4 months for that to sink in lol

Then there's another girl I get along with quite well. She's part of a damned girly bunch. REALLY girly. But apart from that, when she's in conversation with me, she's pretty all right. She also thinks this is pretty intimidating.

It's the current profile pic on FB for me. I happened to comment on one of her posts and the next day at work, she commented : "Is that you? The Hogan? It's very intimidating!" Eh? It's only my surname. lol. Weird.

Then there's this guy.... I think he's in his early thirties. I have to share this :

At one point in time, he's ask if I was OK at the MOST inopportune of times. It was bizarre and quite a bit irritating. Washing my cup in the pantry and he walks by? Are you OK? I'm blowing my nose? Are you OK? I'm sitting at my terminal having a coffee? Are you OK? Especially that nose blowing. It's not a glamorous act and the LAST thing I want is someone standing there watching me. 

But he did. Just stood there and asked me three times Are you OK? whilst I had a sodden tissue at my nose and was STILL blowing my nose and waving that I was fine. He didn't walk away until I snapped out Yes, yes! I'm ok!! I should have lowered the tissue and allowed the sticky mucus to string out between my nose and hand and jiggled it at him or something lol Unreal!!

He's from the Philippines, and a lot of Filipino women I meet here ARE very soft. But dude, you're in Singapore now. I don't need to be OK to wash my cup! Or blow my nose! You can exude care and concern all you want, but there's a time and place for everything, right? A bit of intelligent though when you interact with people is necessary, yes?

So to prevent a possible flaring up by me at him, I keep my distance now. Strictly work conversation. Which is a pity because he actually seems like quite a nice guy. 

It's been a bit of an adjustment for me... my previous work team consisted of mostly older women and I miss that. All this youth and naivety around me makes me feel older than I should be.... But I keep on thinking I should be used to feeling like an outsider, considering how much I like doing things alone *wry grin*

Oh well - always learning = always growing, eh?


og said...

I always just assume you're 26. Young enough to do all the things you're old enough to enjoy. And you'll stay that age in my head forever.

Remember: Just because you're not 145 doesn't mean you can't still ACT immature. I think it's time for a desktop trebuchet throwing ping pong balls all around.

Fiona Kathleen Hogan said...

heh, Og :)
Thank you very much!

But seriously.... we only have so much time before the age thing catches up with us. I'm hoping I'll inherit my parent's genes. They look decades younger!

john said...

heh....I'm teaching on a team with teachers young enough to be my children. Sobering.
I am, in *no way* mature enough to be as old as I am.

P said...

Hi Fiona, thanks for dropping by at Coco's blog. :)

That story on the Phili (pardon my spelling) guy is funny.. but are Phili women really "soft"? They are loud though, when they talk. :P Generally, I find them men and women quite cheerful and friendly among those I met.

Speaking of young colleagues, some of mine are getting almost young enough to be my kids, actually. LOL!

Fiona Kathleen Hogan said...

hey John :)
Damned straight - I may be older, but I'm not an elder :)

Hello P
There's a difference between being loud vocally; and being soft, as in, their demeanor is deliberately soft. Perhaps "playing coy would be more appropriate. Which bugs the shit out of me, actually....