12:29 pm

Locally stupid, stupid locals!

5 Dec 2011

Local techie calls in.
He needs help to confirm warranty expiry date and I'm quite happy to help. However, turns out he's got about 10 machines to check. It's standard in these cases for me to ask for them to email me the serial numbers. I am not going to entertain this sort of thing over the phone.

As I read out my email, which is firstname.lastname, the conversation goes something like this :

Guy : wow - so special, your name?
Me : no, it's standard firstname.lastname
Guy : so are you married to a caucasian?
Me? Sorry? No, that's my name.
Guy : ok, but you sound so local.
Me : I'm Eurasian, I'm Singaporean.
Guy : really? but you sound so Singaporean!

At this point, I'm rolling my eyes and bring the conversation back to the case at hand firmly. However, sadly, it just goes to show you how stupid some people can be. No brains, no general knowledge.

Dude, I'm not asking you to name me the last 10 kings of England. I'm asking you to recognise that Eurasians are one of 4 official racial groups in Singapore. Have been for some time now too. How insularly dumb do you have to be to not know your own country's general info? I mean, we're only 6 million strong. Counting JUST citizens? Probably only 4 million. We're tiny!Good grief, there are cities out there that are double, treble our size!

You know, sometimes I take great pride in being Singaporean. Especially on an international level. But by god, sometimes my fellow people are stupid.


UPDATE : it is worse than I feared. Just received the guy's email. I now work for Oracle, but fucktard sends me non-oracle serial numbers. Am I your fucking secretary to pluck information out of my ass for you?

So. Stupid inside AND outside.