10:32 pm

I think he needs to stop now

20 Feb 2012

I'm quite happy to leave my brain at the door and watch Nicholas Cage.

For example, the National Treasure movies were fun, I though! Even Ghost Rider, the first one, was fun. Campy, but fun. Oh, and also the year I asked myself if he was going bald lol. But Ghost Rider 2 was.... hhmmm.... just....

I'm wondering if this COULD have been predicted just by the fact that the opening credits showed partial production came from Imagenation Abu Dhabi.

Hhmmm. Give it a miss, will you? 5/10 at BEST. 0_o


john said...

Not been a Cage fan for a looong looong time...did see GR 1. Was a long time fan of the comic. The movie was a big meh, with undertones of intestinal distress. I'll pass on #2. Happily.
Last movie we saw was "The Artist". The new silent movie. A lovely and loving homage to the old movies. Also, the most creative use of sound I've heard since 1990's Cyrano. Not an action flick, but well worth seeing.

Fiona Kathleen Hogan said...

hey John,

I'll have to find my artsy jacket for that one, and I'm too lazy lol

PS - are you on FaceBook? I'd love to add you, if yes!