9:17 pm


18 March 2012

Was down at Kinokuniya last week.

Had a voucher that needed spending and I really wasn't hoping for much. I pretty much read scifi and fantasy almost exclusively these days and that's the very genre that gets short thrift at bookstores in Singapore.

So, not expecting much, I headed to the main store at Taka. Bookstores in Singapore have been closing slowly and Kino seemed like the last bastian for booklovers, I hoped the would have a decent range of authors to pick from.

Boy. Was I surprised.

This was their main outlet and it was HUGE. I'd never been there before and as I walked around, my heart actually beat a little faster lol. So many books! All genres! So many people walking around with books in their hands! Or browsing! And by golly, their scifi/fantasy was more than decent. Heh, I think I'm in love with the place :o

So yes, I was a happy camper. Used the voucher and THEN some :)) Some of my loot, see?

Damn, these are so new the last one, book 4, was only available in hard cover (which I hate because they're so bulky) and published in 2012. Good god. Just this year. Which is wonderful because that means my collection is current (good!!) but it also means I have to wait for the news ones (bad!!) Anyhoo. New books. Made me very happy lol VERY!!  

I didn't unpack the bag until tonight.... yes, I was reading something else and yes, I'm surprised I didn't die from the anticipation haha. And this little guy was inside!

I don't do the cute, but this wee fellow is reading! I can't resist! So he doesn't get tossed out, not this time. I intend to keep him!

Garn... just got to figure out a place for him.