2:10 pm

Out dating. Oh gods. Only youngsters should do this haha.

18 April 2012

I had a surprise bowling date last Sunday.

Surprise, because it was a last minute invite and I had about 4 hours notice; scrambled for my bath, my hair, travel-time down to Marina. Got to the mall where the bowling alley was with 40 minutes to spare. Walked around, found cool crystal shop (disregard the jewelery, their raw pieces were excellent!), spoke to owner and daughter, tried to look for bloody bowling alley, GOT LOST IN BLOODY MALL, found alley, then proceeded to get the shit kicked out of me bowling-wise.

I hadn't bowled for over 8 years, and decided this was a fun date thing to do. Problem was, I didn't realise that datee had been bowling since he was 7 :o Oh my god. lol. I walked up to him and looked down. His own bowling shoes! Uh oh. Then looked at the bowling ball he was handling.. had his name on it! Double uh oh!!! I was in trouble o_0

At least he was encouraging lol. I got either strikes and spares, or gutter balls. No inbetween, man... all 10 pins go down, or all 10 pins left standing. It was either/or. Average score? About 65 per game haha.

Oh, and my datee? Yeah, average score per game of 160.

Worst part was I found out he plays 10 games in a row. We did 5 and I woke up the next day stiff as a board. Good grief, people, since when did bowling make people stiffen up :o Anyways, Imma taking this as a warning.... no more 5 games in a row. 

Ha! And only with real amateurs around my level!!