11:58 am

The order of things

8 June 2012 

This was perfect!! I concur!


And yes, I have thought about it before, sadly enough....


john said...

I've heard that one before...still makes me lol! Nice pic too.
Had a kid in one of my classes that was classified OCD (amongst the alphabet soup of her other isues). GREAT kid, but it was amazing watching her OCD manifest. Always went to town on her apple cores. When she was done there was almost *nothing* left. Hamsters would have been proud. She and I bonded when she learned I have cats 'cause she loves them too. We'd meet on monday mornings and compare new cat scratches like Robert Shaw and Bob Balaban in "Jaws". Loved that kid.

Fiona Kathleen Hogan said...

Hi John,

Oh wow... I know I joke about these things but I think the reality of it, for certain people, is quite different.... Glad your student's was manageable!