10:03 am

I'm all set

Argh! Can't believe I've just booked my hotel for July!

The Passage Samui was having a great sale on their rooms, and it was just for these 2 days 6 and 7 April :o

Holy cow - beach front private villa guys.
It's an amazing deal, and I really really really couldn't resist dammit. The place is quiet and scenic, the food was tasty as all heck, the staff were wonderful considering that English is not their main language, the massages were eye-rollingly ecstatic. A huge plus point in their favour is that they have local owners. I'm a big fan of supporting local businesses; have met the owner last time I was there, and he's a nice unassuming man that makes time for his guests.

Why the hell not, eh? Instead of going somewhere else? I love the island anyways, and I'm getting to spend time in a cool room whilst saving money AND ensuring my peace and tranquility. That last bit's especially important.

So that's me all set for my birthday this year :D woo!


The Passage samui said...

Belated happy birthday Fiona, so glad to see your kind words about us. I'll pass your comments on to Toss, (our owner), I'm sure he'll be thrilled! Our staff look forward to welcoming you to The Passage family again in July!

2Vamp said...

Why, this is a surprise. Thank you!

But it's not a surprise that I want to go back :) Was there in July 2010 and I had a fantastic time!

If Natsuda and Penn are still around, I would really like to see them again!