5:54 am

Classic fuckarditude

I'm all a'rolling inside like barley left to stew.

Some things can't be held secret :o

See, my company sells insurance, and we offered a special policy series to union members. The policy premium was to be deducted from their union bank account but recently there were plans for us to take over the deductions totally.

We sent out letters to the affected policyholders to share with them our plans, and for them to authorise us to do the new deductions. We sent them the form, we attached a return envelope, we gave them a decent deadline of about 2 months.

Now, I've just received an email from the union. One idiot union member had scanned in the form and emailed it to them directly. They had forwarded us the email and attached form for our processing. Which is how I came to find out about things.

Get this: said Idiot is actually one of the managers from the unit underwriting these policies. Yup. His dept is handling the payment migration, and yet he sends us the form the wrong way, and to the wrong entity. He is 4 days away from deadline and we need the originals for bank approval. Wonderful.

When I first joined this company, a few people found out about my background and they were all for me to get ambitious. What? Entry level? You can do better! Heh. Yes. I can. But.... sorry, when we hire people of this fuckarditude level, the LAST THING I want is to be in middle management here. I can imagine myself sitting in meetings and having my blood vessals explode one by one out of the sheer stupidity surrounding me.

Since 2005, when I worked for them, I have met - regularly - idiots at every turn. I have not come across such a multitude of idiots in my entire life, with any other company. Sure, each company *does* have one or two. But here? A multitide, I tell you! I've said it before, I'll say it again, I only work here because by car, it's about 10 minutes away. In comparison, my previous job's commute used to be 1.5 hours by train and bus. Having a short commute is a luxury not to be messed with, I tell you! lol

Anyways.... we had a good time laughing and swearing at our "betters" when I read out the email to my colleagues.... then again, group & health dept has been our (contact centre) nemesis for the longest time. And for a plethora of reasons too. Most of them like their manager.

HHhmmmmm. I really need to savor this email. It's a classic!