4:50 am

In a row

We've been having a lot of issues at work.

Primary gripe these last 10 days is that the main platform is wonky. And everything is internet based. So. No platform = no modules.

No modules = no policy data, no policy activation, no policy payment transactions, no policy loans, no reviews, no escalations, no NOTHING.

Anyways, tonight we're had sporadic access when this one young woman calls in asking for travel policy activation. Fortunately, system was up at that time. And get this : her birthday? 4th July. Her travelling companion? 3rd July. Then I told her : You won't believe this, but mine is 2nd July. We both laughed, and then she quipped do rei me!

I told her she made my day :D

Also shared this with the girls, and - even better - one girl's cousin's bdy is 5th July. Man... what were the odds... seriously?

woo! July babies rock!