6:30 pm


I'm amazed.

Long story short?
I've been up for about 20 hours... worked last night, stayed late in the office, then Nan's place for Easter Lunch, then home and a shower. ABOUT to fall on my bed senseless when I thought to pop by gmail.

And what do you know : a very kind soul has offered to help me get my hands on the infamous Mamma Needs A Drink T-Shirt.

See? Absolutely adorable in a good way, not in a Hello-Kitty-God-I'm-cringing cute. Especially Mamma's expression and that wee itteh bitteh kitteh chomping on her tail. lol. Hilarious!

And just the offer made my day. Just. Made. My. Day. No worries if there's no Ts in the end - there's less than 24 hours left to order and what with the time difference and the fact that this woman has more important things to do, I am just amazed she thought to offer. Thank you Susan  :D

Ok, NOW I can get to bed. Heh.