4:11 am

Retrospective thanks

My TL is coming back in 8 days.

I CANNOT WAIT for her to come back.

See, she's been away since 27 March for a number of reasons. Yours truly has had to take over. The problem with Aileen is one thing. But there's this China girl who sometimes does the night shift too. And when the 2 of them are on duty with me, my head hurts.

Literally. I now have a throbbing headache at work.

China girl does mostly day shift, and I have no freaking clue how she's been with us this long. When I work late in the morning after shift, and when I meet my old colleagues, we talk. And said China girl apparently gives *everyone* a headache. She's the only one who's had to re-do her life insurance training twice in 6 months in the 7 years I've been here. I've never met anyone who's so.... so... good lord, the woman is stupid. With a memory retention like that of retarded cotton. Plus, she's an absolutely airhead. I heard she asked the roster OIC not to give her so many night shifts because her skin was breaking out. This is the same girl who insists on wearing shorts to night shift, and then complains it's cold.

She's absolutely incapable of doing things on her own, like finding a PC that works too. Again, this happened before shift tonight. Hallo, you don't even know which PCs are allocated to our shift? Worse, Aileen picked the wrong PC and I had to get China girl to shift 7 minutes before shift commencement. Every PC the China girl said was not working, I got to work. 3 PCs, people, not one or two.. but three.

I'm just sitting here, trying to get my headache to ease up, and being fervently thankful that in all my corporate years as a manager, I've never truly had stupid staff. True, when I hired my own teams, I had reason to hire good people and I've had the true priviledge of working with some beautifully-hearted stars. But even with staff I inherited, they'd all - each and everyone one - been bright enough to work on their own shortly after, with some coaching.

There's something to be said for working in the private sector. The stupids never last long and perhaps it's time for me to move on. And my memory of said stars ensures that they all on my gratitude list later on, for sure!

Argh! May the stupids never breed!