1:46 am

Election time!

Ho ho ho.
Merry fucking election day.

No need to ask, I shan't be voting for the bloody PAP until they wake up and stop getting complacent. Opposition parties field crappy candidates, but if the PAP loses their majority, they'll have to work harder for the next election. Perhaps we'll get more than lip service about serving the nation then.

For the record, I would prefer to have quality candidates to vote for. If talent was not an issue, I'd really listen in on party rallies, read the manifestos and ask questions. But now? Pffffttt, Who are we kidding? PAP's been in power since that old war horse Lee Kuan Yew's been around. He was brilliant. His legacy is.... quite shitty, actually.

Bring it! I'm voting with my feet!

PS - my vote is secret issit? bwahahahahhaaaa. Ach! UNfortunately, I know the PAP won't lose. Too many older Singaporeans treasure the ruling party to much; coddle them to their bosoms because of all we "owe" the country. But I sure hope we get more opposition in!