4:23 am

Rockson rocks on!

Occasionally.... JUST ocasionally... I'll pop by Rockson's blog

The blog is hilarious, but for a rather unique reason: Rockson is a full-on, in-your-face, intensely potty-mouthed ah beng. And you'll have to be the sort of person who has an, erm, appreciation for slightly different points of view :))

I don't talk like him, but I do appreciate his .... hhmmmm... insights, range of vocabulary, and his spot-on observations. lol.

And guess what? I came across a policyholder whose name is Rockson! hahahahahaha! NNnooooo... I don't think it's the same guy of course, but it's funny to think about it! And if it IS the same guy, then good golly, Rockson has a bloody great sense of humour for a middle aged man. woo!

Aw, Rockson, si beh chao ah beng, may you live on forever :))