2:28 am

Dead. Weight.


Good golly.
I'm working with two retards today.

Phone lines are down. I notice this before I go to the bathroom but I'd like to pee in peace. So I check once more when I come back.

One idiot says, as I lift the handset up, Fiona, the phone lines are down. And she says this in a whiny, cutesy voice. Yes, I know. And WTF is that question for? If you know what to do, why don't you do it, instead of complaining to me? Isn't this actually your section's duties anyways? Should I pull tech support out from my ass for you? And what did you want me to do for you? I ask loudly. She has the sense to keep quiet. Good. Because if she'd whined, I'd have lost my temper at her. Almost a year in on the night shift and you still don't know what to do? 

This girl CANNOT pull her weight during the bloody night shift. Just 2 shifts ago, she couldn't handle her customer and transfered the call to me. So I have to deal with her shit. Handle her customer for her. It doesn't help that she tries and acts cute and sweet with customers either. After transferring the call to me, she goes out and has a cry. Comes back in half an hour later. And still cries at her desk. Hallo? Are you equipped for this job OR NOT?

Back to tonight. I activate the emergency response system for our company. The emergency phone rings. The other girl, sitting NEXT to the phone, doesn't even answer it. She sees me get up, and goes back to surfing the bloody internet. By the way, this is the other idiot girl whom I work with on occasion.

Wonderful, eh? I have to carry these two useless sacks of shit for the shift. I will have words with my TL when she comes back at the end of the month. Enough of this bullshit carrying. I refuse to carry any longer.

If I had fucked up management but good teammates, oh golly... I would work like a mule. I can buckle down like nobodies business. But ARGH! Fuck these people!!!!!

Really. I work with retards.

UPDATE 13 APRIL: The girl knows I've been really hostile. It has been unfortunate for her that every shift since 10 April, something has gone wrong somewhere, and she has been a fairly large contributer to the problems that eventually *I* had to solve. Today, she has approached me and we've talked things through politely and cordially over ciggies. I was pretty honest. Honest, tactful, but no sugar coating. The girl admits that she didn't realise just how dependant she had become on my TL. (TL is away, all that dependance transferred to me, dammit)

Last night, for example, I dealt with a really stubbon customer who insisted that the infromation she had from Aileen (the girl) was correct. Today, when I tried to clarify the matter with Aileen, she mentioned that she just agreed to everything the woman said, so that she could get her off the line.

Whoa. Truly. A WTF judgement call.

This carelessness is what gets her into trouble. The information customers receive pertaining to their insurance policies is obviously very important. But in this case the information was very wrong. She knew it! But she couldn't help it. So. You see what the problem is? I may like escapist books and movies, but this girl is trying to fob off problems in a very unrealistic way.

She says if I could impart some of my strength to her, she would soar high. But really, where does strength come from? Within, yes? No one can teach you how to be strong. It comes with realisation and an effort of self.

So going forward, I've promised to back off and go easy on her until our TL comes back to work April 28. My advise was for her to discuss options with the TL and to see if she can really do the night shift. But I don't really know what this girl is going to do. Objectively, she is seriously ill-equipped to handle the myraid, weird, and sometime downright nasty customers we get at night.

Lest you think it is all her, it is not. I have not gone easy on her. I have informed her that objectively, I cannot provide her with constant guidance and I cannot keep on doing things for her. She has fears, but these are fears facing her work/performance. If she requires someone to guide her all the time, that person is not me. I will not be so openly hostile to her, but I will also not stand down. I will try and be more patient, but there is a line which will be drawn most clearly. If you feel this is unfair, I could care less. Aileen has been on the night shift for 10 months. Before that, on the day shift for 2 years. She is not a newbie! *shakes head* Almost 3 years! Argh! At 3 years, you should be gunning for a basic promotion, instead of trying to learn, right?

Think I can survive the next 2 weeks without exploding in frustration? lol