2:46 am

So I need to weigh my options

I think I want to go here for my birthday this year.

Every year I take off for some solitude, last few years to Koh Samui. I've stayed in varied places, each trip to a different beach. All are beautiful. I want to retire here, if the islanders can avoid going the way of Phuket. *small sigh*

Anyways, I was thinking of going back to The Passage, but I'm being swayed by this place, Tongsai Bay. I can only afford their cheapest room.... I think! Just barely! But then I found out that they're a member of SLH. Ah. Ok. That explains it all. I'm sorely tempted. Truly, I am. But I'm also trying to save for next year.

Ta-dah! I turn 40 next year! woo! And I fully intend to indulge by taking myself off to either the Maldives, or to Mauritius. Need to save. Don't intend to scrimp then. Need serious moolah. Want 180 degree views on private beach, with my own personal patio and a 2 hour massage each day before dinner. HHhhmmmmm. Yup. I need to save ;)

So..... back to the drawing board for cheap hotels then lol