12:00 pm

Tantrum didn't work, sorry.

Something weird happened in the office last night.

Oh, something's always happening quietly.... just last week, one of the part time night shift girls was on her way to the loo when she heard the sounds of loud typing and clacking on a keyboard. NO one around, as usual. But this is normal. NORMAL. We have a couple of things in the office that like to get online and surf porn on occasion lol. Whenever we hear keyboards, CPUs starting up or disc drives whizzing (and the drives are supposedly all disabled, by the way), we just ignore'em.

Even spirits like to get online, I suppose. *shrugs*

But last night... last night was weird.

I was trying to get a nap in. I had an unexpected job interview this morning and wanted to get some rest. I had my eyes closed, my legs propped up on another chair, when I heard this loud rustling sound. Very much like what a shopping plastic bag sounds like. I woke up, looked around, but everything seemed normal.

So I just shrugged and went back to my nap. But it happened again about 20 minutes later, louder and longer. I got up, turned on the lights for that row of cubicles, and walked around the seats. Nope, nothing. No bags. Ok, so they're restless tonight! I thought to myself.

I stepped out for a ciggie, went to the pantry and as I walked back, I smelt a really sour smell.... like food that had been left out and gone bad. I said out loud "Someone must've left some food behind" and walked back to my section. And the smell "walked" with me for about 10 meters.

I was walking and sniffing and pausing and sniffing and just shaking my head to try and identify the smell and the source. The smell stopped when I approached my section. Which is weird, because if there is a source, the smell will fade. It won't stop abruptly.

I spoke quietly to my buddy on duty, and described what had happened. Nope, nothing on her end. So I posted this on facebook. And within minutes of my posting, there was a loud crash from the row of cubicles behind us. It sounded like something had fallen off a table onto concrete. Or fallen off a wall.

Anna and I whipped around in our seats. No, I was not going to bloody walk to take a look this time! But I did say softly to Anna "whoa, they're REALLY not happy tonight". She just gave me a wan smile and shrugged it off. Our office is totally carpeted to boot.

Dammit, I needed to rest up a bit because I didn't want to babble nonsense at my interview. But I'd rather be tired and work on adrenaline, then sleep with weird shit happening around me.

Interview, by the way, was fine. Apparently, I turned up in a simple skirt-suit which made me terribly overdressed lol. And I was overqualified. But it's with a streamlined team handling a huge IT client and they work in shorts too. On weekdays.

I bloody WANT lol.

So screw the buggers in the office who caused me great wariness (and weariness) at work. I think I got the job and I'll take it if they can pay me what I want.

I refuse to live in fear!