11:32 am

Easter Lunch

Right - picture time!

We were over at Nan's house for our yearly Easter Lunch. No such thing as cannot go, MUST go. It's a tradition and noooo escaping from it. It's good fun anyways ;P

The family crest outside the main door.

Not that we bandy it around or what.... but it's an interesting piece of family info that we're cool with :)

My sister and Nan.

Me and Nan. Me looking huge *rolls eyes* Nan has shrunk so much! My aunt commented that she felt the same with Nan now. Why do old people shrink so much? It's heart breaking :I
By the way, Nan had been home about a month and she looks incredible! She's been in hospital for over 4 months before they allowed her to come home and the improvement's fantastic. I'm pretty happy for her!

Nan's old wedding portrait. This picture had been in Nan's bedroom for decades :o Grandpop died before I was born but I've always wondered what it would be like to meet him. He loved Nan very very much, and she misses him a lot. Each and every day, I suspect. *sniffs* A love story that endures till today.

The yummy food prepped by Aunty Mo. There was yellow chicken curry, beef smore/stew, home made achar, char siu, fatty crispy siew yoke (good grief, drooling still), roast duck AND black pepper duck.

And the mango cake I got for our dessert.

Oh! And the hand dyed easter eggs! How cool is this? Trust me, in Singapore, you buy your chocolatey easter eggs lol. But my parents had just returned from Germany and Dad had gotten some easter egg dye. Awesome!

My bro (L) and Dad (R) in discussion on what to do for the family portrait Dad's planning to take. Desmond (sister's fiancé ) in the background, all unsuspecting.

After all that food, we sat around the living room stuffed to our gills. But not too long after, the horsing around started! I was standing behind my sister, who was seated, when I placed my hand on her forehead and nudged her head back. Then other people got in on the act. Haha. The result? Loads of giggles and hilarious shots.

This one is actually usable.

Ths one, clearly, is not.
Mind you, it took us THREE attempts to take this photo. Faith and I were laughing so hard.... she'd raise the camera, I'd say QUICK! MY FACE HURTS! and then she'd collapse in laughter. By the time we were done, all the kids were rolling around in tears, whilst our parents, aunt and uncle were wondering what the hell was going on. But that's the kids. We tend to fool around quite a bit and get all silly and shit.

So another Easter come and gone. I hope Nan gets to stick around for next year too.....