10:54 am

An ending

Well now, the deed is done.

I went down this morning after work to sign my new contract with my new employer.

I'm moving on to a new job just as soon as my current employer releases me. I'm pretty happy about it; I did a list of push n' pull factors and by golly. Push factors were like yea high. Not so much pull. But dammit, I need to move.

I'm looking forward to learning new things, with good colleagues, with a decent workload, daytime hours and possibly, a little fillip to my life since I'll now be moving in the same timezone as the rest of the world around me  lol.

I'm saying goodbye to bad sleeping patterns, perpetual tiredness, poor planning, inept managers and colleagues, unrealistic KPIs, unstable work platforms, a useless, horrifically lazy and highly territorial IT department, personal fiefdoms, two-faced colleagues, DIRTY colleagues, idiot customers and a haunted office lol.

In fact, I realised I was so unhappy that I took a pay cut to work for this new company. *wry grin* Yup, that's right, I'll be poorer. Argh! I told my parents about my decision and informed them sorry, no more $50 durians lol But I am always grateful that - no matter what happens - in the end they have always been supportive of my decisions.

Did I tell you they fend off overzealous aunties at family functions when said aunties ask why I'm not married yet? haha, yes. Grateful.

Coming back to what's happening now. I'll miss the extra money, oh yes. But it's not anything that'll kill me. Besides, perhaps it'll instill further discipline in me, which can't hurt. It's decent enough to get by. I worked out that if I stop my taxi taking habit, my disposable income isn't really impacted. 

Ok, it'll take a while to kick the taxi habit. Who am I kidding? lol 

But the fact remains that there is a season for everything, and a time for things to come to a close. Nothing lasts forever and we should always be forward facing, eh? I've realised I'm pretty much a glass half full person and there is ALWAYS something I can learn from each phase in my life. I am indeed the sum of my experiences.

Now I'm crossing my fingers and hoping I'll get an early release :o