5:51 am

Oh how that hurt

Tell you a funny story....

A week ago, we were supposed to rename our teams based on our company's charter. Some kissass suggested that it would be a good idea. So the (ahem) bright sparks during the day shift gave themselves team names like "Respect and Fairness" and "Energetically". We had a good laugh about this... we were asking ourselves.... "energetically WHAT?"

We groaned about thinking of the least kiss-ass name we could find.... And I suggested the name "The Professionals"; I told my TL "Hey! It'll be a huge joke! We have the highest call evaluation scores in the department, but we're the only team that comes to work in slippers!". She liked the irony of it all, plus it sounded like we were hitwomen haha. (Yes, there really is a movie out there) So, yeah! We're killing'em all with our high scores!

But when it came time to decorate our cluster, the day-time staff thought D'Professionals looked better. So they painstakingly made alphabet cutouts about 6 inches high each, and spelled out the full name across our cluster. It looked good, the workmanship was even and well done. And I walked in a couple of days later and just stopped, absolutely gobsmacked. "Shit" I cried, "now we sound like a hair salon!"

So much for irony >:I