8:08 am

Uh huh, I thought so

Hello, it's 21 May and I'm still here?

Perhaps the doomsday prediction is in US timing?

In which case, I'll check back later, shall I?

Bloody idiots.

UPDATE 22 MAY 2011 : I slept right past my alarm - I set it to allow for the max 10 hours on my off days and last night I just slept right through it. Total sleep time? About 13 hours lol. Argh! It's now 0734hrs and dammit, I'm working tonight! I'll need to nap later! How now, brown cow?

On the flip side, the morning after 'the rapture' has been cool, moist (it rained) and it looks like it's going to be a beautiful day. I've got classical playing, for once, and if I sit quietly I think I can hear God saying "You lot still here? Right! Enough with the bullshit! Get on Living as you should be, people!"

Yup - all in order :))


og said...

If those morons are taken to heaven, I wanna go wherevber you're going. The food will be better, and the music for sure.

2Vamp said...

Og, I want to go wherever the OgWife is going lol. I hear she's an incredible cook!

And the music is better anywhere else... even if you have to teach me how to whistle :))