9:46 am

That's what younger sisters are for... tormenting!

Was walking around after work this morning.

Got back late, worked late.

Upside? All the shops had opened.

There's this one shop that sells all your kampung toys... plastic compressable hammers, balls, rubberbands, stuff from the good old days of childhood.

And lo, I found thus :

Haha - yes - a fake roach. Looks real enough, and when you touch it..... oh good god, it's soft and gross. Icky icky icky. I showed it to Dad and he started laughing when I told him what I planned to do with it.

It's for my sister, the roach magnet.

And IF I am lucky enough, when my sister wakes up, I'm still be awake myself and I'll be able to listen out for her shrieks. lol

I know... I'm a bad, bad sister sometimes :))

OOOOooo! I just heard her alarm go off!