7:53 pm

I think I've found me my perfect recharge place!

Well, I've finally managed to download my recent Thailand pictures. It's the same place as last year, but I'm really happy to plan for third year lol

And if I can afford it, I want to stay in the private pool villa once more :o By golly, it was a privilege and a treat!

The full album is open and available on FaceBook but here's a few for those who prefer just a glimpse :)

Ah, Koh Samui!


john said...

Raymond Feist?!? Good god..... I've lost count of how many of his books I read.... Have you read any David Eddings?
If you want to have a serious, geek-out, sci-fi/fantasy book discussion, let me know.
Of course, I'm not sure I could have taken my eyes off of the tropical gorgeousness of the resort to actually read. Lovely place. I'm quite jealous.

2Vamp said...

Ha :))

Yes, I think I have all except the Riftwar set. Hard to find with matching covers :I

And Eddings? Yes! The Belgariad, Malloreon, Elenium and Tamuli series all rocked :) The individual books on Belgaratj and Polgara weren't too bad either.

But I have to confess that one single standalone title - I can't remember the title now - didn't do it for me. Oh well.

Yes, we can discuss; but I'd be a small green shoot in comparison to stalwarts evergreens like yourself and a few others I know lol

john said...

Heh...I'm a geek and I know it. ;)
But you've certainly read more Eddings than I have!
One of the most enjoyable series I've read recently is Naomi Novik's 'His Majesty's Dragon'. There's 4 or 5 of them. I've not read the last. It's historical fantasy: the Napoleanic wars with dragons.
If you've not read any David Brin, find some of his "Uplift" books such as 'Sundiver' or 'Uplift War' or the 'Heaven's Reach' series. Wonderful, richly imagined and consistent universe, in which humanity is a teeny tiny (weird) part.
What are some of your favorites?

I did end up getting a bit tired of Feist after a while. It seemed to get a bit formulaic for me. You know..."incredibly-talented-boy,, happy in a good home, sees it destroyed and spends years going through harrowing adventures to hone his nigh-super-human abilities so that he can make everything right". I'm probably doing Feist an injustice, and the books were well written, but it did wear after a bit.

Anything you'd care to recommend?

2Vamp said...


Sounds like I'm less disciminating lol

Eddings and Fiest all have the same old routine going. You're absolutely right :D

So when I go back and re-read my Eddings, I skip the boring bits. As for Fiest, I'm still reading his books but they look to follow the same way of Eddings.

Recommend? Oh dear.... not sure if I'm worthy, I have so few titles. But I'll share what I enjoyed? Early Anne McCaffrey (Dragons of Pern) and middle-aged Piers Anthony (e.g. Cluster) come to mind. I can't read these as often as I like as the books are old and I can't find anymore copies :(

I find works by Asimov, Heinlein and the like to be rather philosophically inclined, to a certain degree. I think I still prefer escapist/mindless books hahahaha

I'm currently also exploring Ian M Banks and Peter F Hamilton. SLOWLY exploring as their books aren't so popular or easy to find right now. But so far, I enjoy them too.

Oh yeah! New authors! Appreciate the tip! I will look out for these 2, especially David Brin! Thank you! :))