1:33 am

Excuse me, your ass is showing

I found this article really amusing :)

"The Ft. Worth Transportation Authority, known as "The T," has implemented a new policy that prohibits any passenger from boarding a bus with "saggy" pants that expose the person's underwear or buttocks..... The first day the policy was in place about 50 people were removed for improper pants, Hunter said."
Hahaha. Just hilarious! I can imagine the bus driver saying, with a straight face, no ass cracks allowed! :D

What is even more intriguing is that the article states :
"The saggy pants look has been around for more than a decade, tracing its roots to prison attire because inmates are not issued belts. It spread to the rap and hip-hop music community, and from there became a popular symbol of freedom and cultural awareness for many young people."
Right. Fashion derived from prison styles? I hardly see how that equates freedom. Or cultural awareness, for that matter. Then again, american hip-hop culture is mostly black, yes? Perhaps we'll just leave it at that, because I do not understand this. Take it as you will.

I do, however, enjoy the rule. I don't want to see body parts in public, thanks. It's rude, you look like an idiot, and there's a reason it's called Public Decency.

Thank goodness we don't really have that problem here :o