8:38 am

Wow - suddenly so busy.

(Date for my ref : 3 June 2011).

OOOoooo.. tried to rest last night at work, but we were busy with calls.

Idiot manager, the one who docked my pay unnecessarily, wrote me an email and asked that I help out by clearing the company inbox emails. But get this, she's the one who approved for 2 out of 4 girls from the email team to go on leave at the same time.

(1) your manpower planning really sucks
(2) you have no qualms about mucking around with my leave and salary, refusing to acknowledge my emails or the mistake which you made
(3) BUT you don't hesitate to ask for help when YOU need it.

Right. I ignored the email. If asked, I will tell her I didn't read my emails. After all, I am leaving, no need for me to access inbox religiously. What's she going to do? Fire me? Bwahahahahahahhahaaa.

I leave in one week.

That's right, after 10 days of silence from Idiot Manager, I *finally* have confirmation that I will be given 5 days of annual leave to clear. The balance will be paid to me with my final pay. I intend to push my July holiday booking forward. The hotel has already been forewarned that I may need to change dates and now I'm just waiting for the airline to revert on an inquiry I placed. (I may indulge and travel back on business class. ho ho ho!)

If all goes well, I will leave my wretched department on 10 June, fly off to Koh Samui on 12 June, return on 18 June, and start work at the new place on 20 June. By golly, couldn't be more perfect :))

I need the break, I really do. I want some time to myself so I can spa the idiocy of my current management away, and a clean slate for my new employer to do with as they will. I anticipate I will be an open receptacle for product information, good business practices and high standards of managementship. They're an international firm and I have hopes that anything will be better than my soon-to-be-ex employer. You can tell I have high hopes :))

But this means I have less time to prepare though.

Medically - argh - medically, I'm not in too good a shape. I was recently diagnosed with having fairly high blood glucose levels. The doctors who did my three scopes last year found this out by accident. THey scheduled me for a diabetes assessment, which I finally went for end May. Before they call it a confirmed thing, I'm on meds to see if I can bring my sugar levels down. I'm not reacting well to my meds, which is a problem in itself. *small sigh* However, GP says this will clear up in 2-3 weeks once my body adjusts to it. I hope so. 

And whilst I did my diabetic assessment, they found a clot in my left retina. They're not sure if this is something major, or if the clot will be reabsorbed by my body, so now I have a scheduled appointment with some ophthalmic consultant later. Fortunately, the earliest appointment I can get is in Aug 2011. So I can put that out of mind for now.

On top of that (there's more?) my bloodwork came back with borderline cholesterol issues. My GP was given a note to change my hypertension meds to something that'll protect my kidneys. Apparently, I'm leaking a wee bit of protein in my urine and that needs to be nipped in the bud. I have to go back to my GP in two weeks for yet another test to ensure that my body can take it. Bloodtests to see if my body can take the medicine? That doesn't sound too good, actually. *scratches head* But I trust my family doctor, so I guess I'm displaying some faith in the man right about now.

My sister started her new job (she also switched to a early morning job) before me, so now we catch each other only when both our off-days coincide, or before I go to work lol. Anyways, I shared all this with her since she IS a nurse and she commented that all this is better caught early. But bloody hell. It's a bit depressing. I only turn 40 next year dammit.  Welcome to growing old, I suppose!!

Flip side is that these conditions are a result of a fairly sedentary lifestyle - like a curse for the city-dwellers lol. I'm hoping with the change in job timings, I can actually get some exercise time in and not feel tired all the time. Crossing my fingers for a change soon!

New employer requires a pre-employment checkup so I need to find time for that this week before I fly. Working nights is shitty in that most things open by 11am, which is when I'm just about ready to sleep. Plus, I've been working in tshirts and slippers since 2007 and this is obviously unacceptable for daytime office work. I don't need suits, but they do have a smart-casual dresscode, so I need to to find time to purchase some basic clothing necessities. Like. Walking shoes. So's I can wear'em to work and walkie later as part of the exercise I need.

Argh. Time! Time is what people need the most!


Anonymous said...


Congrats on the new job!

Looked at your new job link, but never heard of them, but I think that there's always room for improvement in management in a corporate environment that can be useful, some are pretty good, some not.

On the DM thing, I became a type II when I was 41. The worse of it's been the damn side effects of the meds. BP/cholesterol/thinners/glucose levels/protein spill etc., so you will have to jump through all the hoops. It sucks.


2Vamp said...

Long time no see!
I hope all is going well for you???

Haha - considering how many companies are listed on NASDAQ, not surprising lol. But the project I'm hired for.... ah, different story. Can you say.... Oracle account? :D

Ach, the stupid DM thing - so far, nothing happening except a miniscule protein leak. But I don't want it to get any worse either!!

It's really a sign of the times, I feel, and our lifestyles surely reflect that as well. *small sigh* Oh well.