9:09 am

I'm ecstatic, can you tell?

3 more shifts to plow through and then I am fucking F R E E .

Last day is 10 June, means I work the night shift and leave 11 June at 7am. An hour to clear out my stuff and then? Ho ho ho - need you ask? :D I go home and pack my suitcase!

12 June I fly off to Koh Samui, 18 June I fly back, 19 June I unpack, 20 June I start new job. The timing could not have been more perfect! Thank you Universe!

Despite the short scheduling, the The Passage Samui has come through brilliantly. I was initially given a smaller/different room as the one I had booked was taken on the first night. This was strange, as they have 4 private pool villas and no one really stays there. But just received an email yesterday that all 6 nights will be at my desired room now. Absolute bliss *rolls eyes* I'm about to have a bloody orgasm just thinking about it. lol 

Plus, the only reason I booked it was (1) because private pool = private deck chairs (2) because I could afford it lol. Hotel had a sale and I got 60% off prices. I will pay approx SGD $220 per night. If you haven't seen where I'm staying, you should really check out the place here. Absolutely drool worthy :-o~ 

No, absolutely no quibbling, it was a BLOODY good deal and I am literally counting down the days before I get a chance to just fuck off and do nothing. Plus! Plus! I already have all my massages lined up. 

Days to please fly past quickly now!! 

On top of all this, I managed to book my flights and I've succumbed :o My return flight is on business class. Hoooo yeah!!

Lookit, flights back and forth between Samui and Singapore have been very, very packed the last few years. Samui has really gotten popular, and with reason! Loads of expats take off for Samui as the flight is direct, takes less than 2 hours, and it's cheap. Normal one way flight normally costs SGD $185 per one-way trip. Now? Ha. SGD $300 for weekend flights. One way, mind you. And the business class? SGD $410. It is a no-brainer!!! Pay a little bit more on my return flight, and I am assured of no crying babies, no gaggles of teenagers, and no noise! I fully intend to come back home in peace and tranquility. Can't let all those massages go to waste :))

And then? Ah, and then, a new start at the new company - I already know where/when/to whom I shall be reporting to so I am hopeful of a good start! Bring it! A new learning curve, new colleagues, new environment. I'm REALLY looking forward to this too.

Ah, life is good right about now.......


Bernadette Chua said...

enJOY your hols babes!!! Am so happy for you! :)

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