4:48 pm

Still in a daze

Wow - I've just done my first week at the new job.

Verdict? I have a lot of info I need to catch up on. However, this is job data, so I will learn as I go along. Technical jargon, so to speak. But the job itself?  My first impression? If I were a slacker, I'd have died and gone to heaven lol But since it's only BEEN a week, I'll have to reserve final judgement.

For now, I'm trying to adjust to the new working hours. Slept late last night, watched TV, which I haven't done in.... 6 months, easy. And then? Slept for12 hours straight. I only got up because I needed to pee haha. But s'all good - I needed to be up. Too long and you wake up stiffer than ever. The most amazing thing? I have sat and sun off. Wow. A double off-day. I haven't had a double off in years :o

Don't think I'm going to do anything though... it'll be all sleep, eat.... AND LAUNDRY  lol. I have yet to wash my darks from my trip Samui! See? Wasn't kidding when I said I was beyond tired.

Ah, I think I can learn to relax a bit now!