3:47 am

This is why you are weak


Wow - just activated a travel insurance for someone's son.

The woman doders and is incredibly long-winded. Which makes her irritating. But Ok, we contact centre people know how to take thati our stride. But worse, she then tries to tell me how to do my job. "You have to SMS him this, this and this, you know. Otherwise he won't know what to do. He needs to learn for himself. Make sure you SMS him this, this and this. MAKE SURE you..." and so on.

My voice sharpens; I may still use plenty of pleases and thank yous in my sentences, but if you know me, you'll know I'm not going to take any shit.

As the phone call progresses, it dawns on me that dammit, if your boy is a pampered sumbitch with no backbone, it's all due to YOU, old batshit woman. If you coodle him in cotton wool, and micro-manage him the way you tried with me, no wonder he's spineless! And then I confirm the boy's date of birth.

Motherfucker is 31. Yup. THIRTY-ONE. 31 years old, and your mother is buying your travel insurance for you. Does she wipe your ass too? Pick out your clothes? Do you even buy your own underwear currently?

Joy to you both, you deserve each other! *snort*