3:31 pm

Eh, that was disappointing....

I attended a food tasting last Tuesday.

It sounded really promising.... got an email invite, backpackers place was opening a bistro, chef spent some years in Europe, second chef touted as a genuine Peranakan chef, there were about 12 items on the menu, I'd never been to one before, why the hell not, eh?

HHhhmmmmm... let me start of with the fab highlights of the evening.

The place, Betel Box, is in a wonderful, colourful area along Joo Chiat Road. It's deep in the neighbourhood, surrounded by a multitude of local dining outlets, coffeeshops and bistros. It's also got a load of local drinking spots- complete with provision shops, interior design shops and local bars lol. Delightful! Safe, but colourful. As we left later in the evening, the local streetwalkers just starting their "shift"  :D

Yes, ladies of the night fascinate me for some reason. But that's another story lol.

Here's the small signage, but we found the place easily enough.

The place is pretty secure and safe. Main door's always kept locked and guests get a smart card.

And the hostel's neighbours :) Made for interesting people watching!

We were pretty impressed with the quality of the bistro's furnishing and murals. Chatted with the artist as I was pretty early but alas, no pics. Forgot to take!

Now, considering that this was meant to be a food tasting, I don't have pictures of the food. That was the bad part. I believe they open this weekend and if they haven't tweaked the menu, then they're not be able to survive :(

Food was.... unpalatable. Out of the 12 items on the menu, not one stood out as good. For example, they tried something called Laksa Goreng. It looked like hokkien mee except the gravy was laksa gravy. It came with a sour achar (pickle) which resulted in two very strong tastes competing for your taste buds. Weirdly, it had a hard boiled egg too, which I supposed was to emulate the egg found in NORMAL laksa noodles.

Each dish seemed either inadequately prepared, lacking in taste, or was just downright weird. *small sigh* Which is really unfortunate.

We actually asked who their target audience was and it turned out : locals! Oh my :o Disastrous! Food is terribly mediocre and they are surrounded by scrumptious local shops?

Uh oh.

Here's the group before the food was served lol. All looking happy and expectant!
From L-R : Hanna, Jaz, Liza, Me, Dan, Mag

No - no picture on the aftermath... we were tired, not really full, but too full to have a proper supper, and I was so damned sleepy since I now wake up at 0530 every weekday morning now.... 

I truly hope the food gets better... the staff and owner are tremendous and a joy to be around but.... ergh... the food. lol. In the gastronomic paradise that is Singapore... Majorly Uh Oh!!

I want to go back..... JUST to see if anything's improved! lol