8:34 am

I wish it wasn't so

This article claims men who buy sex are more prone to committing crime.

It also goes on to claim that "Men who paid for sex were more likely to report having committed felonies and misdemeanors, including crimes related to violence against women and those related to substance abuse, assault and weapons, the study found."


You think?

I don't have any hard and fast stand against prostitutes. Ladies of the night have always been around, will continue to be around. And more importantly, there will ALWAYS be willing buyers. As a matter of fact, I find it quite interesting to watch these women but don't get an opportunity often, for obvious reasons lol

I'd rather have prostitution legalised, taxed, and controlled. As opposed to legally banning it and pushing it all (and it's surrounding miasma of problems) underground.

But I also think the article is a tad redundant. Men who buy sex obviously view it as an objective, emotionless transaction. It's like picking up a newspaper, buying a loaf of bread.

So why should these people view women any less emotionally? If my bread goes moldy, I get rid of it. If my woman displeases me, I'll just get rid of the displeasure by slapping her around.

If I had a choice, women wouldn't need to sell themselves but the area's so grey; I don't think people have a right to judge.

It's a tough world sometimes, eh?