8:11 pm

I'm alive, nobody panic. (as if, lol)


Blogging has been slow, to say the least.

My sister was right : it did take me about 2 weeks to adjust to a normal day time schedule. Now I don't fall asleep at my desk and I'm alert the entire shift. Whew!

However, I am still trying to adjust to the early early morning schedule. Heh. Found out the hard way that if I'm not out the door by about 0615, I will have problems catching a taxi to work. The flip side? It takes me about 15 minutes to arrive, which leaves me plenty of time to get my coffee and morning bread.

Yeah, that's right, I'm now having breakfast lol. Can't help it! My work starts at 0700, my meal break (lunch time!) is at 1045, which makes my dinnertime incredibly early. I'm normally done eating for the day around 1800 :o Damn, that's early!

But it's a cycle, hence the breakfast
*shakes head*
I'm finding this a little weird but perhaps it's better for me? I get hungry at odd times, like 2PM, because I can't eat a normal lunch portion at bloody 10.30 in the morning, but it makes for small frequent meals throughout the day. Heh. My family doctor is over the moon that I'm out of night shifts and eating sensibly now!

The other thing? It's really REALLY hot at 4 in the afternoon!

Lookit that sky! My life in reverse after 3.5 years on the graveyard shift! Sweating in the afternoon sun! It was still this bright and hot 2 hours later to boot! GGggrrrrrrr :o

Anyhoo...normal blogging frequency will resume once things stabilize!