7:53 pm

A sincere wish

A very happy 4th to my American friends. 
May your BBQ be grilled to perfection, 
your beers be cold, 
and your fireworks spectacular!

And if you don't celebrate that way, then I hope your long weekend was all that you wished for :D


john said...

Why, Thank you! I hope your day has been a good one, too.
LadyR and I celebrated by going by the historic district in town (actually the site of the *first* 4th of July celebration in the U.S.). We normally do this every year, but I think this one was a special trip. We got to watch a naturalization ceremony for 110 new citizens from 46 different countries. It was quite wonderful. Nobody from Singapore joined our team, but the Malaysians were out in force, cheering on everyone politely and rocking the square when one of their own walked across the stage. I was moved to tears, and it really gave the 4th a special meaning for me.

If you're ever on this side of the globe, you'd be most welcome to stop in at Chez-Ranger. We'd get you some fine BBQ.

2Vamp said...


I'm going to hold you to that :D To meet you, oogle LR's wonderful garden, and scritch Maddie's chin?

You bet! lol