8:30 am

Things that don't NEED to happen

Oh noes!

Kitteh spends an HOUR in washing machine during a cycle.

And she's so cute too! Ok, all kittens are cute, but poor baby! So traumatic! :I All that water and detergent in her wee itty bitty lungs!

Stupid owner needs to be slapped. GGggrrrrrrr.


john said...

Wowzer! I'm glad the kitten is safe and well now.
You're right...incoming dope slap for the owner! That's why we usually do cat checks as we do our chores...

2Vamp said...


Maddie (and Ivy, last time) have kitty heaven in you and LR.

It's these other retards that I cannot understand.....

john said...

you are most kind. We do try to do right by our cats. I know you'd do at least as much as we do!