8:21 am

What have I stumbled upon?

Looks like blogging has been resumed with a vengeance.

Did I mention my new job is a slackers paradise?

For example, I have been on my own now, for about a week. Based on my observations, on average, I'll spend about 
 - 1.5 hours on the phone
 - another 1 hour on chat with the engineers
 - the rest is my free time surfing teh intarwebs, playing games or reading.

Yeah. I know. And this seems to be the case for everyone here.

As a matter of fact, the last 2 weeks prior to this, I was attached to a colleague and took calls on her log-in. And because I didn't want to use her computer to surf, I ending up reading. About one book a day. Hoooo boy. And everyone is one a 2 year contract. :o

On top of that, it's an unwritten rule that everyone log out 10 minutes before time to ensure no one has a last minute call. The office is empty in 3 minutes flat. And that's only because they have an old-school punch-card system that requires us to queue up to have our card stamped.

I'm meeting some ex colleagues this evening and I intend to brag lol You have no idea how disparate my workload is now in comparison. For example, on the same time (7am to 4pm) shift in my old workplace, I'd have logged about 90 calls by end of shift. I'd probably have had to stay back too, to finish up my paperwork.

My ex colleagues are going to kill me....