8:11 am

Ah, if only this was really true

bwahahahahahaha!! How funny is this article? :D

Internet Explorer users have a lower than average IQ, according to research by Consulting firm AptiQuant....

.... Researchers gave over 100,000 web surfers a free online IQ test. Scores were stored in a database along with each person's web browser data.

The results suggested that Internet Explorer surfers had an average IQ in the low eighties. Chrome, Firefox and Safari rated over 100, while minority browsers Opera and Camino had an "exceptionally higher" score of over 120.

Why is this funny? Well now, for the longest time, people have been taking potshots at Microsoft (and IE) and an IQ in the 80s puts you at the bottom run of normal. Like a functioning idiot. And I can see how this article will be used against friends, family and enemies alike!


Update : my instincts were right.... article was a hoax!