6:10 pm

All's clear

Did my review for my IBS this afternoon.

All's cool, the doc says; come back in 6 months. Wahey!

Interestingly enough....  when I first did my gastroscope and endoscope last November, they found a small nodule in my stomach. So there was an ultrasound endo to ensure it wasn't cancerous. Strangely enough, it didn't even show up on the ultrasound and bloodwork was clear. So. It's nice to know that apart from my stomach's tantrums, everything's good.

I still have to remain a food nazi though.... I've found that if I eat only food that's freshly cooked and avoid all chili, balanced with a yakult everyday, I can reduce my eruptions from about 6 times a month, to twice. Which is an improvement, let me tell you.

Onwards and upwards!