8:39 am

Need to think and decide

The new job seems a little unsettling in some ways.

Yes, they are incredibly laid back. I (and the rest of the staff) do more internet surfing than calls. But the same holds true for everything else. They are slack about *everything*.

I'll give you an example.... a colleague asked to change shift with me. I signed off on his request form but forgot to write down the dates. When I asked him via IM subsequently, I took the dates down and changed my own copy of the roster.

So today I go into work, I'm feeling good all things considered, I log in and start my shift. I'm normally early so I'm all good to go by about 0650hrs. At 0705, the duty sup asks me "Why are you working today, Fiona?

Wonderful. Turns out the shift change was not for today. But I am 100% sure I took the dates as given on the IM correctly. Worse. DS proceeds to tell me "OK, house rules, you're still in your first 3 months probabtion, you shouldn't ask to change shift."

Whoa. Ask? Sorry? Someone else requested to change shift dates with me. I almost never change shifts. I made that very clear.

Why do I mention all this? Because this is the first of two change shift requests I have gotten. And these requests were approved by the manager. And shouldn't this "house rule" be known to all? So why were the requests approved? Why weren't the staff members who asked for the changes aware of this?

This is but the most recent incident that's taken place. Laid back colleagues are OK but you have to REMAIN efficient. If you're laid back and slack, then something's wrong somewhere.

During my first month, there was but an hour with HR to sign off on the paper. After that, I was left to fend for myself, attached to 3 older colleagues, who let me listen in on their calls. No training, no handouts (I made my own notes eventually), no schedules, no orientation, no background info, no nothing.

In my second month, I have had to relearn quite a few things. Apparently, what I learnt whilst attached to the older colleagues was just *their* own personal habits. By this time, I got smart and asked for emails to substantiate new instructions.

You see what I mean? I have refrained from blogging about this because I am more than willing to give things and people a chance, myself included. Perhaps I was being impatient with much younger and more inexperienced colleagues? However, today really took the cake.

I appreciate greatly a flat, unencumbered organisation. I am very much that way myself. But I appreciate MORE an organised and efficient team. All the bloody surfing time in the world cannot compensate for this lack.

My concern, however, is that this is a 2 year contract. Can I live with this slackness for 2 years? Or will it drive me up the wall?

I need to decide quickly.